Ginger Brandy

This delightful recipe for Ginger Brandy isn’t for a brandy drink per se, but the infused brandy is an absolutely delightful concoction all on its own, or with a cube of ice.  Of course, Ginger Brandy would be excellent in a Brandy Hot Toddy, mulled wine, or even sangria.

This Ginger Brandy Recipe is adapted from the pre-prohibition guide Cups and Their Customs (1863) by Porter & Roberts.

1 Bottle Brandy
2 ounces bruised fresh ginger, peeled and coarsely sliced

In the bottle of brandy, add the ginger and let sit in a dark cool place for one month.  Strain through muslin, a coffee filter or what have you. Mix with a cup of sugar or simple syrup, and return mixture back into the cleaned jar or bottle.