Top Classic Cocktails

Gin Sling

The Sling is a category of cocktails, and what a wonderful name.  The gin sling is for those who enjoy the taste of gin and citrus.  For those who prefer a milder swish of gin, they should try the Tom Collins.


The Negroni Cocktail is a wonderful apertif, or pre dinner cocktail.  Its bitter and herbacious taste will whet the appetite for the meal to come. Its lovely red hue will set a festive tone for gatherings in all seasons.

Tom Collins

The Tom Collins is an exceptionally light and refreshing classic drink. The lemon and gin are more subtle in this cocktail than in a gimlet, for example. Moreover, it is perfect for the palate that has tired of a gin and tonic, as some find the sweetness of tonic water to be cloying.